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Mobile Cold Rooms

Stay fresh anywhere with our mobile cold rooms—designed for reliability and optimal temperature control ideal for catering, events,and food retail.

Mobile Freezers

Portable and efficient mobile freezers for versatile cold storage solutions on the go. Offering flexible and efficient cold storage solutions for any event.

Mobile Kitchens

Explore our mobile kitchens-innovative, versatile, and equipped for seamless food preparation anywhere. Designed to elevate culinary experiences with .efficiency

Mobile Toilets

Introducing our mobile toilets: practical, hygienic solutions for events, construction sites, and outdoor venues. Designed for convenience and comfort.

Custom Trailers

Custom trailers tailored to your unique needs—crafted with quality materials and precision engineering for diverse operational requirements.

Food Truck/Cart

From food carts to food trucks, we specialize in mobile culinary solutions. Our vehicles are designed for efficiency and style, perfect for serving delicious meals on the go.

Farm & Livestock

Farm and livestock trailers designed for durability and reliability, tailored to meet the diverse transportation needs of agricultural operations.


Versatile utility trailers designed for a wide range of transportation needs. Built with durable materials and customizable options, ideal for one seeking efficient solutions.

Car Trailers

We build sturdy & versatile car trailers that are designed to meet your towing needs with ease, built with  reliability & durability.

Push Ice Cream Cart

 We custom make ice cream push carts that are designed to make selling ice cream super easy and fun. Our carts are sturdy & easy to maneuver 

Food Kiosk

We design and build your food kiosks that are perfect for showcasing and serving delicious food in any setting. Give us a call to custom make yours.

Mobile Clinic

Manufactured mobile clinics that are fully customisable for easy manoeuvring. Built to be sturdy and at the same time being spacious and comfortable.


We can offer our customers a range optional extra’s

• Addional meat rails

• Meat S hooks Light duty 150 mm

• Meat S hooks Heavy duty 200 mm

• Meat Swivel hooks Extra heavy duty 250 mm

• Spare wheel & Rim

• 3 layer shelves 1500 mm x 760 mm x 380mm

• Generator slotting bracket (with out Generator)

• 2.5 KVA Petrol Generator fitted on trailer with brackets

• Signage / Branding

• Trailer Braking systems


Nero Mobility are expert manufacturers of mobile cold rooms and mobile freezer rooms , Our mobile chillers and freezer rooms are built with the highest quality 75mm insulated panels and are built around a steel chassis fitted with a high quality blower and condenser unit.

Our Chillers and Freezers are the perfect choice for the following application’s:

• Chiller or Freezer hire business
• Wedding’s & Catering
• Funerals
• Hunting Purposes
• Ice cube storage
• Meat / poultry and fish storage & transport
• Traditional ceremonies


Nero Mobility is the preferred choice for businesses seeking premium quality mobile cold rooms and freezer rooms. Crafted with high-grade insulated panels and robust steel chassis for durability. Equipped with top-tier blowers and condenser units for optimal performance. Customizable options to meet specific business requirements. Responsive customer service ensuring satisfaction. Industry-leading expertise and innovative design.



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